Below are the 3 basic styles of adventures offered. We are flexible, if you have a vision or dream of exploring the bush then contact us and TOMBRAIDER Adventure Tours will endeavor to make it happen for you. Our Guide is an expert on the environments you will encounter in the Perth Hills, and has a current WWCC so can cater for youth, such as school trips or families. Group sizes are flexible, depending on the number of Adults and Youth. 

Contact for booking, or call/text 0401 378 355



Most basic - a day hike. This can be along the Bibbulmun Track, or a walk trail in a National Parks in the Hills, or a Heritage Trail that weaves for kilometers through the forest.

$250 per group of 5+, or $50 per person. Max group size 8



Weekend Adventure. A two day hike along a heritage trail or the Bibbulmun Track. This will require camping in a tent or in one of the many huts on the Bibbulmun Track. (luxury!).

$300 per group of 5+, or $60 per person PER FULL DAY. Max group size 8



Extended Adventure. This can be a 5 day(or more) journey along the Bibbulmun Track or other routes. A greatly personal, relaxing extended trip through the Perth Hills.

$350 per group of 5+, or $70 per person PER FULL DAY. Max group size 8